Paper Butterfly Decor: a Tutorial

When I started decorating my daughter’s nursery, I came across some cute paper butterfly decor (similar) from Pottery Barn Kids.  It’s no longer available, but no problem, use this tutorial to make your own!


  • Butterfly image to use as a pattern
  • Cardstock for pattern
  • Scrapbook paper to coordinate with your decor
  • Scissors
  • Double stick tape

1. Find or draw a basic butterfly silhouette.  I used one that I found on Google Images.

2. Use any editing software to resize the image.  I chose to make three different sizes to keep it simple.

3. Print and cut out one of each size to use as your pattern.  Use a heavy weight paper for the pattern, like cardstock, so it will hold up better while you trace.

4. Trace the pattern onto the printed scrapbook paper you’ve chosen.  Then cut them out.

5. To make the butterflies 3-dimensional, I folded the wings up so they wouldn’t touch the wall.

6. Experiment with doubling up some of the different sizes and colors for a little more interest.

7. Stick them to the wall with double stick tape or wall putty.  I used a foam tape so they were lifted off the wall and looked like they were just flying by.

Voila!  Easy kids room decor for cheap.  This could easily be translated to a boys rooms with airplanes, or a number of other ideas.  Hot air balloons, birds, graphic shapes…the possibilities are endless.

See the rest of my daughter’s nursery here.


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